Monday, March 29, 2010

Vintage Lady Hatbox Kit!!!! : Now Available for Pre-Order

Hello All!!!  So here is the Vintage Lady Hatbox Kit!  You can sign up to pre-order the kit right now!  Just email me at if you are interested and I will email you back with information about how to order it on my etsy shop, the cost of the kit and when it will ship (when you preorder your vintage lady hatbox kit will be available for you to purchase on my etsy shop with your name so that you know its just for you and no one else can purchase it)!  If you do not pre-order there is no guarentee you will get the kit because there aren't very many available, but if there are more available after the pre-orders they will be up for purchase on etsy too.  Thank you and here is my youtube video that shows exactly whats in the kit:

Coming soon to youtube: Video on how to make the vintage lady hatbox!! And an extension kit that will also be available for pre-order!


  1. Hi I sent you an email. I would love to purchase this kit. Please send me the information.
    Thanks so much

  2. Hi Drea! Great talking with you over Marion's class :) Your project is amazing! beautiful! thanks so much for sharing and I look forward to your other projects.
    Cheers Gina

  3. just gorgeous. just subscribed to your youtube and became a follower =)

  4. Lovely project!!! You are absolutely adorable and I wish you all the best with your new endeavor :)