Monday, March 1, 2010

Favorite New Scrapbook Website: Two Peas In A Bucket !!!

Hi all, sorry its been a while, been really busy!  Anyway, wanted to talk to you about my new fave scrapbooking website, !  I love thier store and online community, both are awesome, but I think the coolest thing about the website is all the wonderful youtube videos that they do each week to let thier customers and community members know all the "latest and greatest at twopeas" as they say as well as thier favorites and the hottest trends and products in scrapbooking!  I especially love the Warehouse Walks with Mellypea!  And other videos like Kristin's picks are always fun too!  So if you havn't checked it out yet, go TODAY and check out this awesome resource for us addicted scrapbookers!

(p.s. I included a pic of a pea necklace because everyone at twopeasinabucket call themselves "peas" and I thought they should all have a necklace like this as a kind of uniform! :-) )

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