Friday, March 19, 2010

New Things!

Hi all!  Sorry it's been a while, it's been really busy and also really rough lately.  I don't think I mentioned this before, but I have a serious condition called CRPS, it's a nerve disorder.  Basically it is nerve damage and nerve pain in my legs and it's excruciating.  I have to be on pain meds all the time and I am usually stuck inside, in bed or in a wheelchair because the pain makes it so hard for me to stand, walk, sit normally or go anywhere most of the time.  Anyway, I get through it all with my husband who is incredibly loving and supportive, he is my hero!!! And I also get through it with Scrapbooking which is like my therapy!  And I am currently in the middle of transitioning from scrapbooking as a hobby to scrapbooking as a career since it is something that I am talented at, love to do, and can do from home!  I am very excited and I will be sending out my portfolio to different scrapbooking companies as well as starting my own business selling scrapbooking kits online and doing youtube and ustream tutorials as well as in-class tutorials at scrapbook stores!!!  I am so looking forward to all this and I will keep you all posted on how this adventure goes!  Stay tuned because very soon I will be posting my first youtube video and selling my first scrapbook kit!  And it is beautiful, so make sure to watch and to get the kit when you see it because I'm sure it will go fast!

Here are some clues as to what's going to be in the kit!

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