Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Minds Eye Sketch #8 Contest

This layout is for a contest that is up on the My Minds Eye Blog.  Check it out at
so you can see the challenge and all the people who have participated and entered their versions of the #8 sketch to try and win the contest.

Here is my layout, it is called "B is for Bride".  I hope you like it!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!



So for Valentines Day, my husband Ryan got me some beautiful tulips AND the coolest gift ever!!---a new scrapbook room!
Ryan has painted the entire room, put up shelves, made me a desk and a paper tower and painted other furniture to go in the room and I have just started moving all my stuff in and organizing and decorating and it is looking fantastic!!! Although, of course it is still a work in progress, its already a huge improvement from what it was (check out the before and after).
I have also begun scrapping in there and that is so wonderful, to have a designated, special place to do my scrapbooking and not all over the couch in the living room or all over the bed in the bedroom. I have my own scrap/craft/sew room and it is so exciting!
To everyone out there, happy Valentines Day and I hope these pics of my room help to inspire you with your scrapbook space and if your hubby hasn't started one for you yet, show him this post and tell him to get on it! hehehe :-)

Video Tutorials Coming Soon!!!

I wanted to let you know that there will soon be video tutorials and live ustream crops coming soon to FairytaleScrapbook (and also on and! I will let you know when those are happening exactly. What will be on the video tutorials you ask? Well there will be mini albums, paper bag albums, classic 12x12 layouts (but with fun new twists and techniques), beyond the page paper crafting ideas, as well as tips on how to take the best pics, how to digitally enhance pics on photoshop, and how to make them pop on your projects! As for the ustream crops, well those will be across the nation and hopefully across the world crops where we can get together magically using the wonders of the internet and chat and scrapbook together!!! On those I will give fun tips and new scrapbooking ideas as well! Hope to see you soon!

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Scrapbooking Tool That I Love! ~ Not Out Yet Tim Holtz Die Cutting Machine

So this Tim Holtz Die Cutting Machine wont be out until July, but I already love it and want it so much!  It is the cutest little machine that is shaped like a suitcase!  It doesn't even have a name yet, but it will be a really awesome vintage suitcase die cut machine that can cut through chipboard, grungeboard, cardboard, and other thick material really fast which is so cool!  You just run it through the machine, no cranking or any work on your part, it looks super easy and handy-dandy :-) !  Here is a video of Tim Holtz showing off the prototype!

Scrapbook Furniture for Scrapbook Room

Sorry its been a few days. I had to have an operation. Anyway, I am working on putting together my scrapbook room and I wanted to share some of the products and furniture that I have been getting together to organize and design the room.

So here are some items that I got from Micheals. They are having a sale on all thier scrapbooking stuff right now, including all thier scrapbooking storage (probably to make room for all the new product that is coming out). I think the sale only lasts til tomorrow though so, if you see this I would hurry on over there. Anyway, the prices were awesome!

I wanted to get a really great desk for the space, one that was big and had a lot of storage so I got these scrapbook cubbies, two paper slot cubbies, one four-drawer cubbie, and one three drawer (with one ribbon drawer) cubbie, and one desk top all from Craft Storage Collection which my hubby, Ryan, is going to put together to make one big amazing scrapbooking desk for me.

Then I wanted a good shelfing unit to put on the wall for me to put embelishments on so I got the making memories Embelishment Center. I also have heard so many good things about the making memories Desktop Carousel that I decided to get one of those too to put my scissors and adhesive and stuff in so that its close at hand.

And finally, as I was pondering whether or not to get more cubbies to put more paper in, somebody tipped me off that there was kids storage on sale for really cheap that would work just as well and so I got four paper slot cubbies from Kids Craft Storage Collection (which was all the ones they had left) that were on clearance for $9.99!!! They are white and green but all I have to do is paint them and they are almost exactly the same as the other Craft Storage cubbies but for less!

Oh and I also got some cute embelishment jars :-)

Here are some pics of the kind of stuff I got. I hope that this helps inspire you in your efforts to organize your own scrapbooking space! I know I'm really excited for my new scrapbook room and I will keep you posted as I put the room together :-)

New Scrapbooking Tool That I Love!

I love this new Distrezz-it-all tool, it is so cool!!!  I want it and am going to the store to buy it as soon as it comes out! (which is soon thank goodness!) :-)  I think Donna from had the idea for it and got it made and what a brilliant idea and a brilliant tool!  Thank you Donna! (p.s. I love the girlfriends club and all thier great scrapbook videos on youtube!)

Valentine Shadow Box Page

February is here, and with it Valentine's Day! For Valentine's Day I've been decorating my house with fun hearts, valentine tags, and all kinds of other lovey-dovey ephamera in honor of the holiday. I have of course also been working on Valentines Day scrapbooking projects, hurah!!! And one of them is this beautiful and easy Valentine Shadow Box Page.

The Shadow Box is a 12x12 that you can find at your local scrapbook store. I love these shadow boxes! Anyway, the important thing about the box is what you make to frame! So I worked on this beautiful Valentine's Day page so I could put it on display in my house with my other Valentine decorations.

First I took a pink and red 12x12 patterned paper that I liked and then I layered the backside (white side) of a KandCompany silhouette on top of it and a big cut out pinkish-red heart on top of that, so it has a vintage valentine feel to it. I chose two 4x6 pics of me and my husband, one that is a close up and one that is a full-length. I chose wedding pics of us because we just got married, but you can use any two of you and your love. I matted them to two pink and red patterned papers, each cut larger than the other, darker in front, lighter behind, to make a kind of double frame effect that makes the pics shine and then placed them how I wanted them on the page. After that I took Tres Jolie pink jumbo letters, L, U, and V measuring 3"x3" (you can cut them out on your cricut instead if you like) and matted each of them on dark pink patterned cut-out squares and mounted that on top of light pink paper squares and placed these at the bottom of the page, under the pics. Then I used KandCompany Smitten hearts and tags, put velvet ribbons through the tags, and afixed those to the page how I liked. Then I took a cut out paper rose and a prima rose, put them together for more dimension and placed that at the top corner of the page. Finally, I put further embelishments like pink buttons and rhinestones wherever I wanted them to finish off the page.

This is a really simple, quick page layout, I hope you like it and you can use it as inspiration for a cute and easy Valentine's Day page that you put on display in a shadowbox or in a scrapbook!

Just Married! :-)

I just got married to my prince charming and am living happily ever after in SoCal. I just moved here last year from Boston and my husband, Ryan, and I got married in October. It was the most beautiful wedding. It had a Old World, Spanish Victorian feel. And it was so romantic! We had the ceremony at the church I grew up in, St. Denis in Diamond Bar California, and the reception was at the Mission Inn in Riverside (both old Spanish mission style buildings). And Ryan and I just love each other so much, we had so much fun with our friends and family, and so many people said it was the best wedding they had ever been to!...It definetely was for me too!!! :-)