Monday, February 8, 2010

Scrapbook Furniture for Scrapbook Room

Sorry its been a few days. I had to have an operation. Anyway, I am working on putting together my scrapbook room and I wanted to share some of the products and furniture that I have been getting together to organize and design the room.

So here are some items that I got from Micheals. They are having a sale on all thier scrapbooking stuff right now, including all thier scrapbooking storage (probably to make room for all the new product that is coming out). I think the sale only lasts til tomorrow though so, if you see this I would hurry on over there. Anyway, the prices were awesome!

I wanted to get a really great desk for the space, one that was big and had a lot of storage so I got these scrapbook cubbies, two paper slot cubbies, one four-drawer cubbie, and one three drawer (with one ribbon drawer) cubbie, and one desk top all from Craft Storage Collection which my hubby, Ryan, is going to put together to make one big amazing scrapbooking desk for me.

Then I wanted a good shelfing unit to put on the wall for me to put embelishments on so I got the making memories Embelishment Center. I also have heard so many good things about the making memories Desktop Carousel that I decided to get one of those too to put my scissors and adhesive and stuff in so that its close at hand.

And finally, as I was pondering whether or not to get more cubbies to put more paper in, somebody tipped me off that there was kids storage on sale for really cheap that would work just as well and so I got four paper slot cubbies from Kids Craft Storage Collection (which was all the ones they had left) that were on clearance for $9.99!!! They are white and green but all I have to do is paint them and they are almost exactly the same as the other Craft Storage cubbies but for less!

Oh and I also got some cute embelishment jars :-)

Here are some pics of the kind of stuff I got. I hope that this helps inspire you in your efforts to organize your own scrapbooking space! I know I'm really excited for my new scrapbook room and I will keep you posted as I put the room together :-)

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