Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine Shadow Box Page

February is here, and with it Valentine's Day! For Valentine's Day I've been decorating my house with fun hearts, valentine tags, and all kinds of other lovey-dovey ephamera in honor of the holiday. I have of course also been working on Valentines Day scrapbooking projects, hurah!!! And one of them is this beautiful and easy Valentine Shadow Box Page.

The Shadow Box is a 12x12 that you can find at your local scrapbook store. I love these shadow boxes! Anyway, the important thing about the box is what you make to frame! So I worked on this beautiful Valentine's Day page so I could put it on display in my house with my other Valentine decorations.

First I took a pink and red 12x12 patterned paper that I liked and then I layered the backside (white side) of a KandCompany silhouette on top of it and a big cut out pinkish-red heart on top of that, so it has a vintage valentine feel to it. I chose two 4x6 pics of me and my husband, one that is a close up and one that is a full-length. I chose wedding pics of us because we just got married, but you can use any two of you and your love. I matted them to two pink and red patterned papers, each cut larger than the other, darker in front, lighter behind, to make a kind of double frame effect that makes the pics shine and then placed them how I wanted them on the page. After that I took Tres Jolie pink jumbo letters, L, U, and V measuring 3"x3" (you can cut them out on your cricut instead if you like) and matted each of them on dark pink patterned cut-out squares and mounted that on top of light pink paper squares and placed these at the bottom of the page, under the pics. Then I used KandCompany Smitten hearts and tags, put velvet ribbons through the tags, and afixed those to the page how I liked. Then I took a cut out paper rose and a prima rose, put them together for more dimension and placed that at the top corner of the page. Finally, I put further embelishments like pink buttons and rhinestones wherever I wanted them to finish off the page.

This is a really simple, quick page layout, I hope you like it and you can use it as inspiration for a cute and easy Valentine's Day page that you put on display in a shadowbox or in a scrapbook!

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